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The DIY-ventilator project

Our goal is to build a DIY medical ventilator based on Open Source software and hardware. This project emerged from the #WirVsVirus hackathon held by the German government.

Outline of the DIY medical ventilator

Our design ensures that the ventilator is easy to handle for trained medical personnel, and that it meets up to the strict application requirements in hospitals. This is why we are using common input systems (encoder knobs), whose arrangement and color coding reflects existing standards. Our design also allows for easy cleaning of the device.

To ensure sanitary requirements are met and to allow for a quick certification, our design is based on existing ventilation equipment – the Ambu bag – and interferes as little as possible with air circulation. Simple and readily available sensors are used to provide safe and easy control. We aim to implement monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen content and patient movement, as well as of CO2 level and humidity of breathing air. Functioning of the step motor is monitored by an additional encoder to ensure precise control of air flow. In case of irregularities or malfunction, a local alarm is executed.

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